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The necklace
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Necklaces are one of the most ancient jewelry know to mankind since the Paleolithic era. The Stone Age provided people with new ways of interacting with materials. Now the jewelry emphasized the status of its bearer and their adherence to a certain ideology. Today, necklaces perform a similar task, though a new century has new ways of its manifestation in the world outside.

The dynamic round necklace promotes sustainable development and the impetuosity of improvement. It is both the firmness of the decision and the way out of samsara due to the dynamics inherent in the jewelry. You can observe two round shapes that exist in a spectacular symbiosis within the necklace. The first circle is a gold chain inlaid with diamonds, which is crowned by the second, a custom jewelry with the ₿ symbol in the very center.

The necklace, on the one hand, screams out luxury and wealth, on the other hand, with the severity of its inherent forms, it emphasizes the firmness of the decision of whose chest it has the honor to adorn.
The necklace embodies the perfection of a complex mechanical shape: the golden ratio and the depth of intelligence. It is like a clock that from this moment counts down a new time in the digital age. The ornament conveys beauty and peace at the same time. This is a deep metaphor for the crypto world, which exists according to its own laws, the laws of modern times, and, as it were, heralds the end of the usual paradigms of the past, pretty powdered with the sands of time.

The center of the necklace and, accordingly, the center of the modern world order is the symbol of bitcoin ₿. However, we don't see the usual italics here. Thus, Diamond hands express its commitment to the digital coin and confidence in its rate, which only rushes upwards.

The Digital Era of Authentic Jewelry



From peer to peer: from equal to equal. Peer-to-peer decentralized networks are based on the equality of its participants, where each partner has equal rights and responsibilities. Each node impersonates a client, but it acts as a server at the same time. This way, the network always remains operational with any number of participants in its chain.


The old paradigms of time and currency are being replaced by new ideas about the decentralization of all phenomena of the world of the future. In a digital system, there is no single core that would have access to managing all solutions. Everyone has power. And at the same time, no one has it. The necklace emphasizes the influence of its bearer and at the same time speaks of their adherence to the ideology of total decentralization. In other words, the ideology of complete freedom.


In an era of total control, bitcoin remains private. The digital ideology of the cryptoworld makes anonymity an unconditional right for all its representatives. There is no transaction history, there is only a result and confidence in your own safety. The translation address is just a character string, deciphering which is useless.


Freedom. Freedom to make your own decisions. Freedom to manage your money. Freedom of movement and choice. Bitcoin is everywhere and nowhere. At the same time, bitcoin completely belongs to you. Freedom and decentralization are the foundation of the future. The necklace on your chest is a vivid manifesto of spirit and a lack of boundaries.


Along the perimeter of the necklace is an outer dynamic circle with Roman numerals from I to XII. Twelve is a sacred number around which time moves in constant change. Twelve months. Twelve hours. And time on your necklace is a rejection of the past in favor of the future. Digital time in the crypto world gets an undeniable advantage over physical time. Here time does not slip through your palms like sand; you get an unconditional opportunity to shape it yourself.

People have always resisted change, and they tried to consign dissidents to oblivion. However, what seemed absurd before is the norm of time today. This is the future of Bitcoin that the necklace on your chest talks about. To accept change, humanity needs to wait. However, only those who are the first to feel the approach of the latest can take the pedestal.
Receiving the necklace, you become a member of a private club. The Limited edition engraving emphasizes the exclusivity of your piece. The number of pieces is strictly limited: there are only 100 necklaces in 18-karat yellow gold 285 grams, encrusted with 57.6 ct diamonds and 19 ct emeralds. All items are handcrafted.
The back of the necklace is engraved with the name of Bitcoin's creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Beneath that is a part of the legendary painting "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. It accurately reflects the fundamental meaning of the crypto world. The huge wave that demolishes the boats symbolizes the speed and power with which old ideas about the economic system are being supplanted.
A handful of people knew about bitcoin in 2009. Nobody understood the uniqueness of this phenomenon and was wary of investing large sums of money in the project. Although back then, the cost of a thousand coins was approximately equal to only $0.003. Now, even one coin is not available to everyone, because its estimate reaches $ 60,000.
A diamond always speaks of status and success. It is a bright point, crowning a long path, and in it light is refracted millions of times, which in the end expresses an unearthly beauty. The diamond becomes an ideal metaphor for the inner structure of the crypto world - its inherent beauty, complexity and perfection.
Emerald speaks to us about wisdom. This is a symbol of the correctness of decisions and their unshakable firmness. Emerald is imperfect. French jewelers mark the inclusions in the stone and designate them with the term "Jardin", which means Garden. However, a spirit is embedded in its imperfection. The digital age frightens some with its impersonality, but in this necklace, the emerald emphasizes not only the perfection of the form, but the presence of a real soul in the digital ideology.
"Our new limited edition diamond hands collection is dedicated to the crypto world. I was inspired by the history of bitcoin and how it integrated into our lives, how it managed to resist the economic foundations that had become established in time. I closely watched its ups and downs and looked forward to when the whole world could finally accept it. In the first necklace 'In Bitcoin we trust' I showed this story and tried to convey the principles of Diamond hands. I managed to put ideology into a physical form."
Roman Burch, founder of DESIRED
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