The symbol of a new era
First really valuable nft
Why exactly this shape? The circle is a symbol of unity, integrity, and completeness. Infinity and eternity. It divides the universe into two parts: one is order and the other is chaos. The circle represents the universe, and the circle-shaped ring represents the new world, embodying all the processes both inside and outside the cryptoworld.

There is the modern Bitcoin symbol at the center of the universe, instead of the Sun. The question arises: why is there no characteristic incline of the sign, which adds dynamics to the logo and emphasizes the coin's volatility? This is not a mistake, but a reflection of diamond hands' ideology: maintain the stability of your chosen decision to keep the coins no matter what.Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
From peer to peer or from equal to equal Decentralized P2P chains are based on the equality of participants. Each partner has the same rights and responsibilities as the others. Each node is a client, but also acts as a server. Therefore, the network maintains its performance continuously, with any number of participants.
There is no consolidated managing-all-decisions center in the system. Everyone has the power. And no one at the same time. You've got full control over all funds, applications, and data.
Bitcoin embodies financial privacy in the era of total control when everything in the world is in plain sight. Anonymity is an unconditional right in the cryptoworld. No one will know the history of your transactions since the transfer address is just a string of numbers and letters with no personal data encrypted.
Freedom. Freedom to make your own decisions. Freedom to manage your money. Bitcoin is not tied to a specific country. It does not depend on the state's gold reserves. This means you have no boundaries: it's only you who decide what to do with the supplies.
There is a circle with Roman numerals from I to XII around the ring. It's like the sundial's face with the sign of bitcoin in the center that replaces an obelisk or a gnomon. After all, Bitcoin is a fundamental coin, that reflects the situation in the entire cryptoworld as a whole.

Neither the sundial nor Bitcoin were credible when they first appeared. People were prejudiced against innovation, downplayed the power of invention. It took a while to accept the changes. We are on the threshold of great discoveries; just be patient.
The name of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is engraved on the right side of the ring. The part of the legendary Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai is engraved below. It accurately reflects the fundamental meaning of the cryptoworld. The huge wave sweeping away the boats symbolizes the speed and power of existent economic foundations displacement.
On the left side of the ring is a map of the world, symbolizing the unlimited possibilities of Bitcoin, the acceptance of its value by all countries.

The "Limited edition" inscription underlines the exclusivity of jewelry. You will enter a private club. This is a really limited edition: only 100 rings will be handmade. All are 750th gold purity, inlaid with diamonds 3.6 carats and emeralds 1.5 carats .
The shape of the ring's side recesses, joined by a diamond pave, echoes the hourglass. It's time that's running out fast, making us understand how it is important to manage every minute effectively.

In 2009, few people knew about Bitcoin. No one understood what it was, no one wanted to invest big money in the project. Although then the cost of a thousand coins was only $0.003. And now many people can't even afford one with its price that skyrocketed to $60,000.
The ring holds many secret messages, and its underside is no exception. There is a binary code inside showing that all the information in the world can be transmitted as zeros and ones. It's a universal cipher, and there's a secret message behind our set of numbers, too. Below — hidden from prying eyes, but well known in the crypto world, principles that will support your solution all the time: HODL and DIAMOND HANDS.

It represents courage and firmness of spirit. It gives special power and protects from bad luck. It helps to get rid of fears, to overcome all difficulties, and achieve long-awaited success. And, of course, to keep it.
Since ancient times, emeralds have been attributed the power to reveal the truth and predict future events. Wisdom stone helps to see the future, enhances intuition, and stimulates mental activity.
"Our new limited-edition "diamond hands" collection is dedicated to cryptoworld. I was inspired by the history of Bitcoin, how it integrated into our lives, how it stood up to all the economic patterns. I followed its ups and downs closely, waiting for the whole world to accept it finally. And in the first ring, In Bitcoin we trust, I tried to show this history, to convey the principles of diamond hands. Put ideology into physical form."
Roman Burch, founder of DESIRED
an exclusive collection of jewelry brand DESIRED.